The Secret of Queen’s Hat II

On day in 2006, Rachel, who was busy in the studio, received a phone call. She called the Queen’s clothing assistant Angelina Kelly. “She made a name on the phone, and I was scared.” she didn’t think, just a few minutes later, Kylie came to her studio. Before that, she was in her studio. Kylie only met Kylie. After the last Royal female hat division, Kylie retired, Kylie was in urgent need of a suitable hat designer for the queen. Perhaps because of the recommendation of a fashion designer who worked together, Rachel attracted Kylie’s attention. ” I watched and talked to me in my showroom, and then she asked me if I was interested in making a hat for the Queen. Of course. ” Over the next few days, Rachel drew six designs and sent them to the palace for acceptance by the Queen. Since then, her Majesty the Queen has become the most important guest of Rachel’s career.

Then, Kelly brought in the fabric, and Rachel noticed some silver thread and sequins in it, so she added a special element to the braided material in the middle of her hat, which looked like a flash, but it didn’t show up in the picture. Rose decorations are also carefully colored.

She wasn’t told the Queen would wear it to her 80th birthday, “but because this is the first occasion, I think it must be very important anyway.” Even if you don’t believe it will happen until you watch TV and see the Queen come out of the car and wear it. Rachel opens her mouth to mimic a look of surprise.

Rachel also walked into Buckingham Palace and waited in the Queen’s dressing room. Unlike her predecessor, Frederick Fox, who first met the Queen with exhortations to bear in mind the demands, no one asked Rachel. In addition to being a little nervous, she remembers the Queen being very easy-going, thinking it was a very happy, low-key conversation.

Although not every time the Queen will be informed of the occasion in advance, but in the case of a very important occasion, will be notified. But sometimes she had to pretend she didn’t know. Every year, for example, at the Ascot Race, curious people bet on the first day what color the queen would wear and a lot of money. So I was careful, even though I had ideas about what the queen might wear, I would say,’I don’t know.’ As a queen hat maker, she must be careful not to cause unnecessary trouble.

The Queen always publicly praises Rachel’s skill. Other members of the royal family are also happy to wear a cap from the beautiful and elegant Hatter. Kate presented her navy blue tie-in dress with a hidden blue beret hat to British Irish Guards soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

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