The Queen ‘ s Head – Cap Designer

The hat industry is only a small industry , and it ‘ s harder to craft . ” It ‘ s hard to imagine that the woman who has just won the royal appointment in 2014 and officially became the queen ‘ s head – cap designer , has only a small team of three people , of course , including herself .

The other two assistants in the studio were busy with the work at hand. Ann, who looks older and grey-haired, has been working with Rachel for 21 years. Rachel told the writer that shaping the ornaments on the hat required a lot of craftsmanship. For example, to make a flower, first cut the cloth into a flat flower shape, then put it into a vessel like a bowl, then burn out a hard petal with a heated iron ball, so that the shape is formed. Then three or four pieces after the shape of the petals from small to large stacked together to make a flower shape. “We. It took us about two days to make a hat that had a close-knit wreath of decorative flowers.Young Lucy has been working with Rachel for seven years, and she’s good at dealing with feathers. Flowers, feathers, and gauze are all elements of Rachel’s love. The love of splendor and drama from her teenage days was reflected again and again in the finished product of her hat.

“when I meet with the customers in the showroom, I will ask them where they wear hats and their attitude to the hat, such as the habit of wearing a hat.” by this casual chat, Rachel can understand them quickly. Some people are born in a natural fashion, a big hat does is their necessity. Some people do not like to wear a hat , because they are worried about the condition of the hat, but they can’t resist the strict demands of British attendance on special occasions. They will turn to Rachel. If they wear no eaves in indoor occasions, if they attend an outdoor banquet, choose a hat with a hat, and wear more adorned hats.

The Royal Ascot Jockey Club is an event held by the British elite to show off their culture, whereas the audience is paying much more attention to the appearance of female hats than the horse racing itself. “at the Jockey Club, the ladies scrambled for glamour, as much as possible from their costumes and makeup. If you go to the Queen’s Garden party, you’ll make yourself look more low-key, clean and tidy, and don’t want to get people talking about your outfits. But if you are a mother who is about to marry your daughter, you certainly want to be at your best on the day of your daughter’s wedding because your role is crucial.

Hat making is a slow-moving process, according to clothes to cap the material and color constraints. For example, the use of Sinamei linen cloth, the need to fix the cloth on the wood block steam, such as dry and then add the second layer, the third layer, this increases the workload. In addition, the material must be dyed, the private order service can serve only one customer at a time. Even now, she has a moment of trouble. The more natural the color is, the more difficult it is to tune it. It usually takes an hour to six hours to produce the desired color, but sometimes it doesn’t work the right color even if you try all day long.

Her hat is a few hundred pounds, and the most expensive is 1500 pounds. Of course, in Rachel’s view, expensive and luxurious are not always the same sign. “the luxury of our hats is all hand-made. Even the simplest part of what seems to be different is due to the dedication of the maker over 24 years, with heart and soul, she has built a growing and stable customer base, including 20 years of old customers and new ones introduced. With the promotion of popularity, more and more new customers will make early appointments. Although some women are tailor-made for a special occasion, the future She won’t make an appointment for three or four years, but there are as many as 100 stable clients.

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